Exercises For Resistance Keep Bands

I have so many frequent flyer miles, I could own stock in American Airlines. I give them away as gifts whenever possible because I know I will never run out. It is a hard life at times, but I love every minute of it. Even when I am stationed at home, I am thinking about where I am going next and how soon I can get out to do it.

Most of my colleagues have subsequently put on a little weight over the years, because you just can’t find the time to exercise. It is really hard to eat healthy, so that plus lack of exercise equals fat. Sometimes the hotels don’t have gyms. Some hotels have questionable water in the pool and it is not wise to take a jog in an unfamiliar area. I’ve had friends go missing for weeks because they went for a quick run around the block.

But not me. I am a lean, mean resistance band machine. Actually, because of resistance bands I don’t need a machine and I am just as fit.

My sister got me started. She noticed that i was getting a little pudgy so she showed my some exercises for resistance bands. It only took a little and I was hooked. I went online to find more exercises for resistance bands and I hit the jackpot. There were so many. And not just exercises. There are different resistance bands also. You can get Medium resistance if you want to firm up but not bulk up. Or strong resistance for the body builders look. I have all three and they all fold up nicely in my luggage. There are also flat bands and bands with handles. I used to follow DVD’s to learn how to do the exercises properly, but I have most of the memorized now.


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