Watch Bruno Online

If you found Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie Borat non-offensive, or even politically incorrectly admit that it was a hilarious movie, then you need to watch Bruno online. Bruno is based on Sacha Baron Cohen’s character from Da Ali G Show that he co-wrote and produced called “Bruno” who is based on a homosexual Austrian fashion reporter. Just like in Borat, Bruno is off to United States to cause havoc on unsuspecting people to bring you laughs and tears.

Bruno, sporting tight yellow fashion disaster garbs hops around United States starts off the movie in a fashion show in Milan where he disrupts the show by invading it as his character Bruno. Starting off with a bang, he travels to America, to locations like Kansas City, Texas, New York City and more. In one hilarious scene that you may have already seen from the trailer, Bruno appears on a talk show with predominantly black audiences and starts to play prank on them with a black baby. This scene must be watched to be appreciated and you can watch Bruno online free today!

Yes, in Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen has a sidekick just like he did in Borat, his assistant, Lutz – played by Gustaf Hammarsten, and they form a love-hate relationship that is outrageously funny to say the least. Yes, there are some outlandish sketches as you may have expected in Bruno but there are some sketches that test the boundaries and mock at the homophobes of many parts of America. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and watch Bruno online!


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